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Fundraising with Otis

Do you belong to a group, school, team, troop, or other non-profit organization that needs to raise money? Otis Spunkmeyer cookies make it easy. Start here.  

Fundraising Basics

What we do: We make batches of our irresistible gourmet cookie dough, then we portion it, freeze it, and package it up exclusively for Fun-Raising efforts. Our frozen dough is available in a wide variety of popular flavors; that way your supporters can bake up a warm, ooey gooey cookie at a moment’s notice. They’re easy to sell because everyone loves a fresh-baked cookie, especially an Otis cookie. 

What you do: You sell the cookies, and your group reaches its goal. But first, we’ll put you in touch with a product fundraiser who can help you navigate the details, set you up with a timeline, and oversee the entire process seamlessly. 

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