Like all the
best things in life,
it started with cookies. 

We’ve been baking the best cookies imaginable since 1977, when founder Ken Rawlings opened the first Otis Spunkmeyer cookie store in Oakland, California and people fell in love.  Since then, we’ve grown in many directions, always with one goal: to bring the joy of sweet baked goods to everyone. 

Not only are Otis Spunkmeyer favorites available throughout North America and Mexico, but our state-of-the-art R&D Center of Excellence works overtime to develop innovative new baked goods to say ahead of the curve. 

What else can we say?  For more than 45 years, we’re still baking so that every single day, even more people can fall in love at first crumbly bite.

Life’s pretty sweet.

Ken and Linda Rawlings in Cookie Plant
The First Store Opened
Ken Rawlings opens the first Otis Spunkmeyer cookie store in Oakland, CA.
chocolate chip cookie bite
Cookie Dough Factory Doors Open
Otis Spunkmeyer signs the lease for its first cookie dough manufacturing facility in San Leandro, CA.
otis truck
20 Cookie Stores
Otis Spunkmeyer transitions to wholesale and sells its 20 cookie stores in California.
otis plane
DC-3 Skytours Goes into Service
Otis Spunkmeyer goes into service providing air tours of the San Francisco Bay Area in two vintage DC-3's.
strawberry cookies
Retail Frozen Cookie Dough
Otis Spunkmeyer introduces retail frozen cookie dough sold in grocery stores.
Acquisition of Sweet Happenings
Otis Spunkmeyer Muffins are introduced with the acquisition of the Sweet Happenings muffin company.
map of mexico
Expansion into Mexico
Otis Spunkmeyer goes international with expansion into Mexico. Canada follows a few years later.
danish and brownie
Danishes & Brownies
Otis Spunkmeyer danishes and brownies are introduced.
chocolate chunk cookies
Otis Spunkmeyer Acquires Chippery
Otis Spunkmeyer acquires Chippery. All Otis Spunkmeyer cookie and muffin recipes switch to 9 grams trans fat.
cookies and muffins
Reduced Fat Cookies & Muffins Introduced
Otis Spunkmeyer reduced fat cookies and muffins are perfect for K-12 schools and healthcare.
Otis R&D Center of Excellence
R&D Center of Excellence Opened
State of the art Otis Spunkmeyer R&D Center of Excellence opened.

chocolate chip cookie individually wrapped
Available throughout North America
Otis Spunkmeyer begins selling its individually wrapped cookies.
40th anniversary
40th Anniversary
Otis Spunkmeyer celebrated 40 years of creating delicious baked goods.
Aspire Bakeries
Aspire Bakeries Created
Aspire Bakeries is created with Otis Spunkmeyer as one of its leading and most treasured brands.
Individually wrapped cookies
Expands Individually Wrapped Portfolio
Otis Spunkmeyer expands Individually Wrapped Portfolio with Brownie and new cookie flavors, Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal and Double Chocolate Caramel.
Aspire Bakeries

Aspire Bakeries is a leading North American bakery company.  Our beloved consumer brands offer the best-tasting baked goods crafted using only simple, high-quality ingredients. That gives us a unique position in the marketplace, and lets our brands rise to the top.  

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