Strawberry Shortcake Cookie

Strawberry Shortcake Cookie Dough

Inspired by the pure genius that is strawberry shortcake, our Strawberry Shortcake cookie dough brings it all together into a convenient bake-at-home treat. This Signature Otis flavor will make you melt a little inside with every chewy bite of white chocolate, real strawberry pieces, tart cranberry pieces all blended into a buttery shortcake-style dough.

Serve these delightful creations to friends and family and be hailed as a great innovator of baking (we won't tell). Make them in the dark of winter and be rewarded with the fresh summer berry flavors and thoughts of warmer weather. They make a gorgeously sophisticated dessert when plated with sorbet, and are a favorite pick for Valentine's Day gifting.

If you try just one new flavor of cookie dough this year, make it the Strawberry Shortcake!