Double Chocolate Chip Brownies

What's better than thick, chewy brownies? Not having to make them, of course! Filled with enough chocolate to satisfy any chocolate fanatic, our delectable Double Chocolate Chip Brownies bring joy wherever they are served. They are loaded with melty chocolate chips inside and out.

Our frozen brownie trays stack neatly in your freezer, waiting patiently for any time of need, and feature a resealable lid for keeping your leftovers (as if there will be any!). Just thaw and serve. If you want to get fancy, you can heat the brownies in an oven or microwave for melty chocolate goodness, and then (er, for extra brownie points) top them with your favorite ice cream.

Julie Whittier, one of our Fundraising Consultants at Otis Spunkmeyer Fundraising, says, "My hidden secret? My friends and family think I make great brownies. I take the Double Chocolate Chip Brownies and frost them and put sprinkles or some type of embellishment for the season. Then I cut them into squares and put them on a really nice plate, and of course take all the credit for making them. I don’t cook, so this is how I get away with bringing a homemade treat to share. When people tell me what a great cook I am, I just graciously tell them, 'Thank you so much!'"