Butter Sugar Cookie

Butter Sugar Cookie Dough

This is the essential cookie dough to keep on hand for any holiday or occasion. Our classic Butter Sugar cookie dough is not only fabulous baked up right out of the container, but it can also be shaped, iced, decorated, and turned into your own unique creations. Your imagination is the only limit. Pink icing for Valentine's? Green sprinkles for Saint Patrick's day? Whether decorated into pumpkins for fall, or evergreen trees for the winter holidays, our Butter Sugar cookie dough makes for fun family activities, without the usual mess of baking from scratch.

Perfect for picky eaters and foodie purists alike, your freezer is not complete without several tubs of Butter Sugar cookie dough on hand! With no added preservatives, you'll appreciate the perfectly balanced flavors -- none of the chemical taste sometimes found in store-bought refrigerated cookie doughs.

Lynnette, the manager of the Otis Spunkmeyer Factory Store, says, "I guess my Snickerdoodle secret won't be a secret anymore. I put cinnamon and granulated sugar into a ziploc, and toss the Butter Sugar cookie dough pieces in for a quick shake. The result is a perfectly baked batch of Snickerdoodles in minutes, which is one of the top selling items here in our Factory Store."