3 Reusable Lunch Bags for Kids & Adults

Tips & Tricks
April 12, 2018

Fresh back from Spring Break and back to packing lunches for school and work. Maybe you’re in the brown back doldrums. We are certainly feeling a little lack of gusto when it comes to packing the midday meals.

We put this list of our favorite lunch sacks and containers together to add a bit more color to the everyday:

Bento - A modern take on a Japanese staple. This bento box is super fun for kids and grownups! (Makes a great gift for teachers, too!) link to gifts for teacher post Best of all, lunch doesn’t get smashed in the trip from home to the lunch table.

Washable Sack – These come in so many shapes and prints, plus they can be folded and stashed once the contents have been eaten. 

Stainless Steel Eco Lunch Box – embrace your inner minimalist with these ultra simple, easy to wash, stainless steel boxes. Save all the color and fun for the lunch inside! 
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