Otis Spunkmeyer and Chocolate: A Love Story

December 29, 2016

Once upon a time there was there was a cookie named Otis. Otis was a happy and confident cookie, crunchy and assertive on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside. He pretty much had it all; all but a partner in crime, a soulmate, or even a best friend if you will. Otis longed for that special companion… but he refused to settle for just any fish in the candy sea.

That’s when chocolate came along. Dark, rich, and creamy, Otis couldn’t resist chocolate’s sweet and delicious flavor. It was love at first site and Otis Spunkmeyer Chocolate Chunk Cookies were born. From there, their family grew into Double Chocolate Cookies and Oatmeal Raisin Cookies; and then to Chocolate Caramel Crème Cakes and Mini Chocolate Cupcakes. They were a match made in sweet snack heaven, and they all lived happily ever after…True story.

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