Nation Sandwich Month: Ice Cream Sandwich Edition

August 3, 2017

Did you know that sandwiches were invented somewhat by accident when the fourth Earl of Sandwich was too entrenched in his 24 hour card game marathon to get up to eat? The story goes that a servant brought him some bread and some meat which he folded up together into what is now known and loved the world over simply as the sandwich. Thank you, Earl of Sandwich, for your dedication to gambling and your desire to stay nourished.

August is National Sandwich Month and we’re not letting bread have all the glory. If you know Otis, you know we have a thing for ice cream sandwiches. We’re throwing out three cheers for sandwiches in honor of one our favorite meals (dessert edition):

Chocolate Chunk Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches – Pretty much everything Real Food by Dad makes is precisely done, including these beauties, which involve sliced ice cream between ridiculously good Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Yep, he sliced ice cream.

Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie Sandwich – Be warned, this recipe is seriously rich and delicious and you might cry for more once they’ve all been eaten. Let Me Eat Cake knows how to level up her desserts!

Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies – Part sprinkle bar, part kid party, this recipe for the most adorable Oatmeal Raisin Cookie ice cream sandwiches will have you wishing Freutcake would throw your next birthday party.

Did you whip up an ice cream sandwich the Earl would put down his cards for? Tag us with #OtisSpunkmeyer and we may just send more cookies your way!


By Kipling W.