Kitchen Hacks: Mason Jars, Otis, and Parfaits

June 7, 2016

If you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume you have a serious sweet tooth.  But your craving for sweet shouldn’t override healthier choices when it comes to snacks. Enter, the mason jar: portable, convenient, kinda hip. Let’s just say, they’re having a moment.

Once upon a time, mason jars were used for preserving foods like jam, pickles, and olives. Recently, they’ve grown in popularity by the working masses as a smart storage solution for all sorts of foods.  We love using mason jars for dessert (obviously), and one of our favorites is this salted caramel parfait recipe with Otis Spunkmeyer frosted chocolate crème cakes.  Sweet, delicious, pretty.

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Recipe and image by Nastassia of Let Me Eat Cake.