3 Cookie Dough Snack Hacks

April 13, 2018

If you went to grade school in America, you have likely crossed paths with Otis Spunkmeyer Fundraising foods. Muffins, Loaf CakesCOOKIE DOUGH. As a matter of fact, our cookie dough tops the list of social  media inquiries for Otis foods. And we think we know why – it’s darn delicious! 

Man cannot live on cookies alone! Which is why we’ve brought you a few fun alternatives to your standard round little cookies (not that there’s anything wrong with round little cookies).

Cookie taco

Cookie Tacos – Taco Tuesday just took it up a notch. Yeah, we took a little round cookie and bent it just a little. It’s now the perfect vehicle for a little dab of ice cream and all the dessert taco fixings. Watch the video and be amazed.

Cookie ice cream cone

Cookie Cones – We recommend rolling up these extra special cookie cones a day or two in advance. Serve them in a handy cone tray at a small kid’s party and watch the excitement unfold. 

Cookie smores

Cookie S’mores – No, we did not invent this king of camping. We did, however, up the ante on the standard graham cracker trappings with a simple cookie swap. Behold the video, your camping days will never be the same.

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