End of Year Gifts for Teachers

Tips & Tricks
April 12, 2018

Wait, what? We just got back from Spring Break, how can it possibly be Summer break already?! If you’re like the parents around Otis Spunkmeyer, you’re scratching your head, too.  The year may not have buzzed by quite as fast for all the teachers out there, however, so we like to end the year on a high note a special parting gift for the people spending loads of time with our kids.

Supplies – it may seem obvious but many teachers don’t get allowances for the supplies our kids use in the classroom. We love to give a basket of cleaning or craft supplies (or both)! 

Organizers – give that special teacher organizers for small and large supplies. Make it better by filling them with the supplies you imagine they’d use. Whether it be for art supplies like markers, crayons scissors and glue or bigger devices for books, paper and folders, we’re certain they’ll be happy for the help.

Gift Cards – get a bit more personal and give your child’s teacher a gift card to a local restaurant or grocery store. They have a life outside the classroom, why not acknowledge it with dinner or groceries on you?

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